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Eavestrough with no protection Leaf Guard Protection
The Gutter Clean System® is a leaf guard to be installed on your existing eavestrough.
PRO-TECT LEAF GUARD offers the best eavestrough protection system available on the market. Over 44,000,000 linear feet of this patented products has been sold worldwide by the manufacturer, Alu-Rex!
The Gutter Clean System® fits all eavestroughs, regardless of the width or material used (except PVC).
It prevents leaf and debris, snow and ice from clogging in the eavestrough.
It can drain 29,7in. of water per hour per linear foot — that's 3 times the amount of water ever recorded in the heaviest rainfalls thanks to the Alu-Perf technology.
Its PVC flap tightly seals eavestrough to your home. It is treated against UV rays and extremes in temperature. This PVC flap is essential to a full protection.
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